The Theology of Illness

The Theology of Illness

2002 | 131 Pages | ISBN: 0881412392 | PDF | 7 MB

This is an excellent little book. It was quite readable and not terribly difficult to understand, yet offering some important instruction on both illness and healing from a spiritual perspective. The author provides clear understanding about the relationship between sin and illness, while steering clear of negative judgment of individuals who are sick. His discussion on healing is intelligent, deeply rooted in the spiritual without categorically rejecting medical treatment. I found particularly helpful his guidance on what to pray for with regard to illness - I won't be a spoiler and tell you the answer in this review :-). Also, as another reviewer noted, the book includes ample quotes and footnotes. However, I could follow the meaning of the text readily without deep study of the footnotes. I found it assuring that Larchet had clearly based his work on the Church Fathers and not some passing personal notions. In addition, at a later time, I may want to go back and read some of his sources. I find myself referencing ideas in the book in discussion with others. I loaned the book to someone else almost as soon as I finished reading it. These, for me, are signs of a spiritual book of lasting value.


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